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Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process

Step 1

Free Inspection and Consultation

Free Bed Bug Inspection

As the first step, Peterborough Bed Bug, Inc. will conduct a thorough inspection of the area to determine if a legitimate bed bug problem exists.

In some cases, the problem may not in fact be bed bugs.

We will give you the facts you need to make an informed decision. This initial inspection will also allow us to determine which items from our exclusive Solutions package may be needed before treatment [see Step 4(b) below].

Step 2

Written Quote

If a legitimate bed bug is found to exist, you will receive a written quote which will clearly lay out the scope of work, time frame, and cost breakdown.

Upon acceptance of the quote, an appointment will be scheduled to perform the heat treatment and you will receive our instructions for preparation.

With bed bug heat treatment, there is nowhere to hide

Step 3

Home Preparation

EFFECTIVE HEAT TREATMENT is dependent on proper preparation.

Failure to complete the instructions we provide, as described, may negatively affect the effectiveness of the treatment and may void the warranty in whole or in part. We will verify the completion of the preparation instructions during our final inspection the day before the scheduled heat treatment.

Everything should be left in your home, except for those listed in the preparation instructions.

Also, ensure that the clothing you wear on the day of treatment is free from bugs. Ideally it should be taken to a laundromat, washed, and dried on high heat just before the day of treatment and then stored in a sealed bag until the day of treatment.

Only One Bed Bug Heat Treatment is Required

Our preparation instructions are available for download on this website. It is important that these instructions are followed closely.

Additionally, we can provide you with certain items from our Solutions Package (described below) at no additional cost, to ensure your preparation is as complete as possible.

If you have any questions during preparation, call us for help (705) 749-1045

Step 4

Day Before the Heat Treatment

Final Inspection

Because we want you to receive the full benefit of our warranty, we will visit the location the day before the scheduled treatment date to ensure the preparation has been properly completed, and also to make any final recommendations.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation

Solutions Package

Achieving maximum heat penetration of clothing, book spines, bedding etc. is of critical importance. During the initial inspection (Step 1) we will have made note of any potential hindrances to penetration, such as overcrowded closets or tightly packed bookcases. The answer is not to remove these items from your home, as this may allow any bed bugs hiding in them to survive. Instead, on the day before the scheduled treatment, we will supply you with whatever items from our Solutions package were noted as necessary during the initial inspection. Items such as movable clothing racks or wire book racks will be supplied at no additional cost, allowing you to declutter tightly packed areas before treatment, ensuring maximum heat penetration.

Step 5

Day of the Heat Treatment

We will generally arrive at the location around 8:00 am, unless otherwise determined. Setup generally takes one hour, during which time the equipment is unpacked and set up, remote heat sensors placed, and Heat Transfer Fluid is brought up to temperature.

Heat Treatment is then applied, generally over the course of 5-6 hours, although the time period will naturally depend on the size and configuration of the space being treated.

Using the remote heat sensing equipment, our technician will constantly monitor the temperature dispersion inside every room in the residence, and adjust the equipment as needed to ensure that no corner, crack, or closet remains untreated. This allows us to ensure a complete and thorough treatment has been performed.

Bed Bug Eradication Temperature Chart
Heat treatment is more effective than chemical treatments

When you return home after the treatment, the area will likely still be warm. Any heat that remains will disburse soon thereafter. You are free to open windows and doors to allow the heat to dissipate more quickly.

Immediately following treatment, we can supply you with bed bug covers for your mattresses and box springs. These are not regular mattress covers. These are quality covers designed specifically for protection against bed bugs which we purchase directly from our supplier. We strongly encourage our clients to make use of these resources, which not only offer you long-term protection against the establishment of a future infestation, but also double the length of our warranty. We will also provide you with resources surrounding bed bug prevention, again to minimize the likelihood of a new infestation taking hold sometime in the future.

Step 6

Follow-up Inspection

After treatment is complete, we will install bedbug detection equipment in order to ensure that no live bugs remain in your residence. We will then schedule a return visit to examine the findings. If live bedbugs are found, we will perform additional measures at no additional cost to you. In our experience, this is extremely rare.

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