Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation

You must prepare to ensure treatment is successful!
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Heat Treatment Preparation Instructions

Provided the Preparation Instructions have been followed, we offer a 45-day guarantee.

EFFECTIVE HEAT TREATMENT is dependent on the completion of the following preparation instructions. Failure to complete the instructions as described may negatively impact the effectiveness of the treatment and may void the warranty in whole or in part. We will verify the completion of the preparation instructions during our final inspection the day before the scheduled heat treatment.

DO NOT REMOVE INFESTED ITEMS FROM YOUR HOME. Everything should be left in your home, except for the items listed below. To ensure that the clothing you wear on the day of treatment is free from bugs, it should be washed, dried on high heat just before the day of treatment, and then stored in a tightly sealed bag until the day of treatment.

The guaranteed period will be extended to 90 days if mattress encasements are purchased from us at the time of initial heat treatment, and installed for each mattress and box spring in the premises.

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